David Bender is a political activist and former host of the radio show Politically Direct on Air America Radio.

Political activismEdit

Bender has been involved in politics since he was 12, when he suspended his involvement in the 7th grade to volunteer for Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign. Since then he has been involved with numerous activist groups, as well as working in the entertainment industry. In 2003 he was a senior advisor for Howard Dean's presidential campaign.

Air AmericaEdit

Bender had a show called Politically Direct on Air America Radio, on which he would converse with political influentials such as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Gore Vidal on issues including climate change, the 2008 elections, the Democratic Party and gay rights. Politically Direct briefly held a weekly time slot, after which Bender voluntarily ended the program in May 2007 to later join Air America's Ring of Fire as one of three co-hosts.

Personal lifeEdit

Bender has taken some time off to write, and it is unknown when he might return as a Ring of Fire co-host.

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