Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) is a radio program that produces a half hour newscast each weekday. The newscast is produced at Pacifica radio network stations KPFA in Berkeley, California and KPFK in Los Angeles, a station in Oaxaca, Mexico, and the press room on Capitol Hill. The show is also carried by various radio stations, and hourly updates are carried by Air America Radio.

Hosted by Aura Bogado, the newscast relies on over two hundred freelance reporters, "on every continent except Antarctica", that use the Internet to deliver their audio reports.[1]

FSRN strikeEdit

In January 2000, reporters working at the Pacifica Network engaged in a Strike action|strike, citing censorship by Pacifica's newly elected board of directors. The strike lasted twenty-six months until March 2002. "At its March board meeting, the Pacifica board unanimously passed a resolution it negotiated with the strikers acknowledging the significant role they played in returning Pacifica to its historic mission, and pledging to end censorship of any programming throughout the network."[2]

Current SituationEdit

Pacifica and FSRN are slowly engaged in a trial integration. According to FSRN staff, workers at FSRN, roughly six permanent members, continue to work without medical benefits, or sick days. Also on hold is a per-story raise for every freelance reporter, and an across-the-board increase in staff hours for newscast production.

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