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Jon Elliott is a syndicated American talk radio host. He hosts The Jon Elliott Show, which has aired on the Air America radio network and XM Satellite Radio since September 2006. In May, The Jon Elliott Show was syndicated by Wilbur Entertainment and took on the name This Is America with Jon Elliott. The show is produced live weeknights from Midnight to 3A ET, 9P to Midnight PT.

  • Jon calls himself "The Most Dangerous Liberal in America" and he identifies his political values with the Democratic Party.
  • In October 2004, The Jon Elliott Show began airing for two hours on Sunday] afternoons on KLSD radio in San Diego.[1]. In September 2005, the show expanded to include two hours on Saturday afternoons.
  • In its February 2007 issue, Talkers magazine named Jon Elliott one of the Top 250 radio talk show hosts in America, after being on the radio for less than three years.[2]
  • On October 15, 2007 he falsely accused "Right-wingers" of physically attacking fellow liberal talk radio host Randi Rhodes based on an email she wrote to the company saying she was mugged. Ms. Rhodes later admitted she fell while taking a smoke outside an Irish bar she had been patronizing and doesn't know what caused the fall. [3]

Business Career Prior to Radio[]

Jon Elliot's official online biography mentions his business ventures prior to entering radio: "Over the past dozen years Jon Elliott has been the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of, in succession, a broadcasting company, a casino gaming company and an Internet company – all publicly traded companies."

Elliott was CEO of Capital Television Network, a company created on April 18, 1988 out of bankrupt company Reliance Enterprises, Inc. Reliance Entererpises had ceased operations in January 1992, due to "the company's inability to attract the necessary funds to commence and sustain operations."

In 1994, the dormant company was renamed Royal Casino Group, Inc. Royal Casino group [OTCC Bulletin Board symbol WINZ] was "Selected to develop a riverboat casino in Wyatt, MO, and a casino for the Quileute Tribal Council of La Push, WA" [4].

On November 9, 1995, Royal Casino group signed a definitive 25 year Docking and Franchise Agreement with the City of Wyatt, Missouri (Population: 364) granting Royal Casino Group the exclusive right to develop and manage a Riverboat Casino Entertainment Center on the Mississippi River. SEC Filings. On November 25, 1997, the Supreme Court for the State of Missouri issued a 7-0 opinion stating that the proposed location for the casino was not permitted under sections of the Missouri Constitution.[5]. The casino was never built.

Royal Casino Group acquired Goldiggers Hotel and Gaming Establishment, located in Deadwood, South Dakota, on June 13, 1996, which then operated the Casino through its wholly owned subsidiary, Atlantic-Pacific Corp.

Due to "prevailing economic conditions pertaining to the gaming industry coupled with the long-term negative industry outlook", Golddiggers Casino was closed in January 1998 and liquidated. SEC filing

The company decided to enter the E-Commerce business as "E-Commerce West Corp.", an Internet Web site (OTCBB Symbol ECOM).

In November 2002], the company was renamed from E-Commerce West Corp to Baymark Technologies. Company Profile According to the July 31st, 2004 SEC 10K Filing, "Since 1999 all of the companies business efforts have failed", "The Company currently employs no employees". "During the fiscal year, the company had no revenue, and it had no cash or significant operations. The company's only capital resources are its depreciated assets which are illiquid, and its common stock which might be sold to raise capital.". "The Company's auditor has issued a "going concern" qualification as part of his opinion in the Audit Report. There is substantial doubt about the ability of the Company to continue as a "going concern." The Company has no business, no capital, debt in excess of $609,396 all of which is current, no cash, minimal other assets, and no capital commitments."

Jon Elliot was President, CEO and CFO of Baymark Technologies until January 2006, at which time he resigned from the company as the company was restructured as Implantable Vision, INC (OTCBB Symbol IMVS), a company pursuing new technology for ocular implants.[6].

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