Frequency 1080AM (kHz)
City Anchorage, Alaska
Owner IBEW Local 1547 Investments
Power 10,000 watts
Slogan "Progressive Talk For Anchorage"
Format launch 2004
Format dropped
Sister stations none
Webcast Webstream

KUDO (1080AM) is a commercial radio station in Anchorage, Alaska. The station airs a great deal of locally-oriented progressive talk programming, as well as syndicated shows from Air America Radio and Jones Radio Network.

The station broadcasts with a 10,000 watt signal, and is owned by IBEW Local 1547 Investments. Their slogan is "Progressive Talk For Anchorage."

Progressive talk programmingEdit

KUDO airs a full-time liberal talk format, and was an early affiliate of Air America Radio. Currently, they are listed as affiliates of The Ed Schultz Show and The Randi Rhodes Show.

Local hosts include:

  • 6-9A -- Cary Carrigan
  • 1-3A -- Shannyn Moore, Blue State of Mind
  • 3-6A -- Camille Conte, The Cutting Edge



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Source: Arbitron

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