Liberal Talk Radio Wiki

This is a list of notable American radio networks, webcasters and providers specializing in liberal or progressive viewpoints, past and present. This list also includes non-partisan networks, providers and services of interest to listeners of liberal/progressive talk.



Public Radio[]

  • American Public Media (website) is a public radio program syndication service that provides programming like A Prairie Home Companion.
  • National Public Radio (website) is the most prominent public broadcaster in the United States.
  • Public Radio International (website) is another public radio programming syndication company.


  • BlogTalkRadio (website) has all kinds of shows: liberal, conservative, and libertarian, as well as many apolitical shows.
  • Head-On Radio Network (website) is an internet radio station composed entirely of progressive shows, such as The Guy James Show and Mark Levine's Radio Inside Scoop.
  • The Journey - Progressive Christian Radio (website) is Christian internet radio with a progressive lean.
  • (website)
  • One World Radio (website)
  • Portland Indymedia Web Radio (website)
  • Progressive Blend Radio (website)
  • radioActive SanDiego (website)
  • Radio Left (website)
  • (website)
  • TalkRadioX (website)

Podcast networks, services and providers[]

Satellite Radio[]