The Randi Rhodes Show is a three-hour radio program in the United States hosted by Randi Rhodes combining live interview, call-in and commentary with a progressive bent. The show originates from Florida and is featured on the Nova M Radio network as of April 14, 2008, originating from WJNO in West Palm Beach, Florida. The show had previously aired over the Air America Radio network. The song "Bounce Your Boobies" is known for being played at the beginning of the show on Fridays.

According to Talkers Magazine at the start of 2008, Randi Rhodes is the 40th most important talk show host in the United States in their "Heavy Hundred" 2007 list [1]. On April 9, 2008, Air America Radio CEO Charlie Kireker issued a press release stating that Rhodes was leaving the network, in the aftermath of a brief suspension following a controversial live appearance in San Francisco. [1] One of her affiliates, KKGN in San Francisco, California, immediately announced that they would continue airing her show.[2]


Rhodes was on the air in West Palm Beach, Florida for many years before moving to New York for the launch of Air America Radio on March 31, 2004. Until September 2006, her show was 4 hours long.

Regular featuresEdit

  • B.S. News: "When B.S. breaks, we break wind. If you hear it first on B.S. News, get out more."
  • The Osama Clock: How many days since George W. Bush said he'd catch Osama bin Laden 'Dead or Alive'


  • Main theme: "Pain" by Stereomud - at the top of each hour
  • Friday Theme: "Bounce Your Boobies" by Rusty Warren - at the top of the show, after Stereomud
  • Into Break Bumper: "El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama" by White Zombie
  • Out-Of-Commercial Bumpers: Varies; list selected by Cowit and posted on the show website
  • Occasional Rush


Air America Radio suspended Randi Rhodes from the network on April 3, 2008 for making inappropriate comments about Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro while speaking at an Air America affiliate event in San Francisco, California.[3][4] The length of the suspension has yet to be disclosed. Rhodes has publicly stated on her radio show that, she will return to WJNO radio in West Palm Beach (as per her contract with the station) in the event that her contract with Air America Radio is terminated.


  • Host: Randi Rhodes
  • Producer: Tim Einenkel
  • Executive Producer/Chief of Staff: John "Dr. Brian White" Manzo
  • Technical Producer: Jay Cowit (Silent Jay)
  • Associate Producer: Vicki Hippel
  • Writer: Bruce Cherry
  • Writer: Mike Ferrucci
  • Writer: Barry Lank
  • Political Satirist: Barry Crimmins
  • Bit Player: Christopher Duffy
  • Bit Player: Marty Lynch
  • Bit Player: Catherine Sardina
  • Bit Player: Jennie Schneier
  • Bit Player: Rocky