WRN (formerly World Radio Network), is a private London, England–based company that provides transmission services for radio and television broadcasters worldwide. This includes the creation and distribution of its own-branded radio channels which aggregate daily and weekly programmes from national public broadcasters around the world, and which, in turn, are distributed using international satellite radio networks, mobile platforms and local FM and AM rebroadcasters.

International public radio broadcasters that use the WRN channels to distribute their programmes to listeners around the world include Radio Canada International, Radio France Internationale, Channel Africa, National Public Radio, Radio Netherlands, Pacifica Radio, Radio Australia, Radio Polonia, Radio Prague, Radio Sweden, Vatican Radio, Radio Guangdong, Israel Radio and Radio New Zealand.

WRN's channels are also available on Sirius Satellite Radio and WorldSpace Satellite Radio, as well as being available on conventional television satellites across most of Europe.

The company also provides transmission services such as satellite distribution, Internet broadcasting and FM/AM brokerage to a range of commercial, religious and not-for-profit broadcasters.

World Radio Network, Inc. (also known as WRN) is also the name of a radio network with headquarters at McAllen, TX. World Radio Network, Inc. is a Christian radio network with stations mostly along the U.S.- Mexican border, and broadcasts in both English and Spanish. The Spanish stations are known as Radio Cadena Manantial.

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